How Does By-Pass Protein Work?  There are two kinds of protein based on digestion: By-Pass Protein and Digestible Protein. Digestible Protein gets broken down (degraded) by the microbial "bugs" in the first stomach (rumen) of deer whereas By-Pass protein is protected by compounds that keep the microbial bugs from breaking it down (undegraded). The amino acids inside of the By-Pass protein pass through in a pure form which makes them perfect to use by antler growing cells to rapidly develop. It's simple - the more By-Pass protein content formulated into the feed, the more growth you will get. By-pass sources also happen to be very expensive and why many feeds are formulated with low By-pass levels. Not Antler Boost - our Spring/Summer 21% has 50% more than common deer feeds.


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There are three distinct differences that you will find in Antler Boost - Deer Nutrition and Attraction Products:

1) Higher by-pass protein levels - this is the protein that effectively influences antler growth.  By-pass protein is also the most expensive form of protein and is often the least utilized for that reason.  We use protein sources higher in by-pass protein during antler development - lots of times twice the amount of our competitors.

2) Delivering our promise on critical fat levels which we believe is a key to Antler Boost - providing high energy that deer need to cope with stress and keeping consumption levels high which means more by-pass protein absorption and consumption - which grows bigger bucks!

3) We prefer to not use ground up corn.  Corn is a filler ingredient that does not provide enough nutrients and protein amino acids.  Antler Boost recommends supplementing with 10-20% of whole corn that is purchased much cheaper from your local farmers to meet sugar-starch requirements. Antler Boost contains more protein amino acid sources in the place of ground corn that you find in other feeds – don’t waste money on ground in pellets!  Other deer feeds utilize corn as an attractant but the fat levels in ANTLER BOOST Deer Feed provide the BEST form of attraction.


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We do recognize there are some Hunter-Managers and Deer Breeders that want additional levels of specific supplements and we do make those available upon request. Some of those supplements are:

  • • Milk Calcium
  • • Special sourced kelp
  • • ZinPro chelated minerals
  • • Diamond V yeast
  • • Biotin 100
  • • Deer fly control


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