Atomic Bran

Atomic Bran is the ultimate hunting season attractant and maintenance feed for the fall and winter months.  It consists of rice bran, ground peanuts, and a couple of other goodies that draw deer in and hold them.  Instead of putting together one of those high priced shiny picture products in 5 and 10 lb bags for $15, we have created a better product without cracked or whole corn in a 50 lb bag for the SAME PRICE.  So you can feed more and hold more deer.  Who can hold anything with an expensive 10 lb bag??

We developed this product using some of the ingredients we have used for years in our AB 21% feed and combined it with rice bran to have the best of both worlds (anybody else hear Sammy Hagar Van Halen) when it comes to deer attraction – the high fat of rice bran combined with the long range scent of ground peanuts.  This creates an Atomic Eruption (again with the Van Halen in my head) of scent and taste that will blow your mind when you see the deer usage!

Our current customer base using Atomic Bran sees an incredible amount of day-time buck usage.  And buck to doe usage is 500% for bucks. Honestly, we don’t know why but my theory is many of these folks still feed corn also and the does go for the corn first and the bucks don’t want to go fight for position at the corn pile and simply head right for the Atomic Bran. Whatever the reason we love it and so will you!

Some studies have shown up to 80% of corn is lost to non-target species so even though corn may be cheaper, if you are losing 80% and not attracting bucks then it’s more effective to feed Atomic Bran.  Atomic Bran comes in 50 lb bags and we do offer discounts for large quantity purchases.

If your local store doesn’t carry it and no dealers are in your area, have your local store call us at 888-917-4637.  We are always looking for new dealers since 2019 will be the first year Atomic Bran is being made available to dealers.  Thanks for your interest!

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