Fall Premium Plot Mix – our mix is made up of The Holy Trinity of fall and winter forage – forage triticale cereal grain, coated crimson red clover, and forage radish brassica.   The coating on the crimson red clover is key because it ensures the clover is inoculated which produces over 10 times the nitrogen versus non-inoculated crimson red clover which makes up most of the plot mixes on the market.

The crimson clover feeds the extra nitrogen to the triticale and radishes making plot productivity much higher.  The final piece of The Holy Trinity is the radishes which have a long tap root that sucks up nutrients that have leached deep in the soil and deposits them back in the root zone where they belong.

All the components of our Fall Premium Plot Mix work together to bring maximum forage production (more food) and maximum soil fertility (more soil health) to your plots!  (pics and label)


Spring Premium Plot Mix – our mix is made up of The Big 3 of spring and summer forage – forage soybean, forage vining cowpeas, and Forage grain sorghum.  The grain sorghum provides both protection for the developing soybeans and cowpeas while also providing a vertical structure for the cowpeas to vine up.  Most spring cowpeas are not vining varieties which limit their development.  Deer usually go after the forage soybeans first which allows the cowpeas to develop large enough to take on grazing.  (Pics and label)

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