There are three distinct differences that you will find in Antler Boost - Deer Nutrition and Attraction Products:

1) Higher Un-degraded protein levels - this is the protein that effectively influences antler growth.  Un-degraded protein is also the most expensive form of protein and is often the least utilized for that reason.  We use protein sources higher in Un-degraded protein during antler development - lots of times twice the amount of our competitors.

2) Delivering our promise on critical fat levels which we believe is a key to Antler Boost - providing high energy that deer need to cope with stress and keeping consumption levels high which means more Un-degraded protein absorption and consumption - which grows bigger bucks!

3) Antler Boost uses only All-Natural grains in our Monster 32% and AB 24/7 feed products. This allows our feed to go through ANY feeder – including spin feeders! This also allows our feeds to have incredible weather resistance and no dust and no mess – reliability and quality. All natural means healthier deer. Healthier deer yield bigger bucks and stronger fawns/does.

4) Antler Boost feeds have our PROPRIETARY whole cottonseed ingredient that has one of the best fiber sources on planet earth for a deer’s rumen (stomach). It even rates higher than alfalfa fiber! All-natural fiber has the length needed to stimulate the microbes in the rumen which stabilizes rumen pH. Pellets have extremely short fiber length because the fiber source must be ground finely to go through the pellet mill. Shorter fiber = irregular rumen pH which means less healthy deer.


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