ANTLER BOOST 21% - Spring/Summer
If you want to maximize your potential for antler development, this is the deer feed that you need.  Antler Boost 21%  contains a higher level of by-pass protein that is utilized more during the spring/summer antler growing season.  In fact, there is TWICE the protein going to antler development in this deer feed than what we see across the industry.  Getting double the by-pass protein for antler development is very important for maximizing your investment.  Some clients swear by our 21% supplemental deer feed (high protein pellets) and feed them year round and that is up to you.

We developed this product to assist customers on tighter budgets or who have larger properties and want to be able to afford to feed higher volumes across larger areas. What we did was match the by-pass levels of common deer feeds on the market through innovative formulation and key ingredients. Antler Boost Econo provides equivalent by-pass protein levels at a much lower price while still providing all of the fat, mineral, vitamins, and supplements that are found in the Antler Boost 21%..

We recommend feeding Antler Boost 21% or Antler Boost Econo from March 15 to October 1. View Our Gallery

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