Maxx Attraxx – This is our whole grain attractant that includes roasted peanuts, corn, soybeans, and ground roasted peanut dust.  The roasted peanut dust is the key to this product and brings bucks out into daylight.  They can’t resist it.  Comes in 50 lb bags and doubles as a fall and winter maintenance feed (Click here to the specs)

Buck Draw – A lower price point attractant that consists of whole corn, pellets, and flavored with our ground roasted peanut dust.  Comes in 50 lb bags (Click here to the specs)

Pure Peanut – Our most premium attractant that is made with 100% peanut products.  No ground corn.  No rice bran.  No distillers grains.  Only contains the most powerful attractant we’ve ever found from doing this for 15+ years – PEANUTS!  Comes in 11 lb bags at a price point that is better than most 5 lb products on the market!  Made up of roasted peanut meal, roasted peanuts, peanut by-products, and our famous ground roasted peanut dust!!
Pure Peanut is also premium because it supplies over 30% protein and over 10% fat – compare that to other attractants at almost half the protein level.  You can also use Pure Peanut year round as a feed topper to mix in with corn, pellets, or whole grains to juice up your feed!  Coming Summer 2023!


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